Bank Holidays and business

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20120505-104255.jpgWe are just entering the ‘bank holiday zone’ as I like to call it – we go for almost 4 months of the year with none, and then get a massive hit during May /June. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a day off just like the next man, but again this year we have 3 days off in a month. Last year it was the Royal Wedding and this year it is the Queen’s Jubilee, both events that are worth celebrating if you have even the smallest amount of ‘Britishness’ about you. But did we really need an extra day off?

It was very apparent last year that April was a poor month for the economy from a business point of view, May is quite possibly going to go the same way this year – when we are all trying to push business forwards was it really necessary to have two days off in June?

Why don’t we have a bank holiday in the period between the August bank holiday and Christmas – when a day off would be appreciated! Trafalgar Day would be a celebration of something worthwhile from our history -surely a better idea than the current approach? Let’s move one of the May holidays next year!


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