One of the bonuses of my job.

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One of the things I love about my job is that it allows me to get out and about to meet interesting people (and not stay chained to a desk all week). Once in a while I get a day where I visit a business that makes me realise why I enjoy doing what I do so much! Every so often I get to visit small businesses that punch way above their weight – last week I had such an experience.

20120507-153217.jpgI was in Retford in North Notts, not a particularly industrial town, in fact quite a small market town but home it transpires to a business that supplies 90% of the UK market it is in. What do they make? Wire and traditional ropes mainly for the theatre and entertainment market. And it is in this sector that they supply 90% of the UK market they occupy!

I get to meet some amazingly interesting and successful people in my jobs and it is amazing what businesses I discover in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area that are national or even world leaders in their market place. For example did you know that we have the only UK manufacturer of cotton wool balls in Notts?

Nine times out of ten the people running these businesses are also extremely nice people as well – another good reason for having a job that keeps me out of the office as much as it does! We are often overlooked by London and the South (they don’t get the concept of the Midlands), but we have some great businesses – think Rolls Royce, Boots, Paul Smith just to name a few of the well-known ones!

So the East Midlands has a lot going for it – don’t forget it!


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