What’s the problem with moving Blue Peter?

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Sometimes I do wonder if people have just too much time on their hands – the recent furore over the move of the children’s programme Blue Peter from BBC1 to CBBC (the kids BBC channel) does seem to be a bit of a storm in a tea-cup!

20120520-201232.jpgNow I did grow up with Blue Peter – Peter Pervis, John Noakes and Val Singleton could do no wrong in my eyes (and no, I didn’t have a Blue Peter badge). I loved the twice weekly programme, but that was at a time when as kids we only had three channels (BBC1, BBC2 and ITV) and the kids ‘section’ was only a few hours a day, so we were grateful for whatever we got!

But the world has moved on, I am not sure that Blue Peter still has as big a following as it did 30 years ago? No doubt they have changed the format to keep pace with modern tastes. But what I am sure about is that in a world where even on Freeview you can get almost 100 channels (it could be more) there is no reason to leave any kids TV on BBC1! So why is everyone so excited?

Are we all harking back to a more pleasant and simpler time?


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