Register for warranty – how?

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This week we have purchased a new suite case for my step daughter to use when she goes abroad over the summer with her mates. It is a ‘dubious design’ (exactly like the one below) but she likes it which is fine. It is also a well-known make – Antler.

20120606-175905.jpgThe case promises a 10 year warranty, sounds good, and perhaps it is a bit too good to be true?

On return to home my wife looked at the warranty card and logged onto the Antler website as requested to register the case to make it eligible for the warranty. So good so far.

We are used to the ‘give us your details’ approach, we give the company some way of contacting us and they give something in return, so we were ready for the need to sign up to the site and provide email details etc. However there appears to be a bit of a ‘one way street’ as far as Antler are concerned.

Despite looking everywhere on the site we were unable to find anywhere to register our luggage as directed by the label on the case itself. Now I consider myself to be fairly ‘IT savvy’ when it comes to this sort of thing, but this completely stumped me!

I could be wrong, there may be a really obvious way to register products on-line, but I can’t find it. I do hope that Antler aren’t trying it on?


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