Microsoft and the need for tablets

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the keyboard/cover comes in a variety of colours

It could be argued that Microsoft have been in the ‘tablet world’ for a long time – all users need tablets for the headache they get from using their software – OK a bit unfair, but it highlights the fact that Microsoft do software and not hardware. Previous attempts at hardware have included their take on an iPod – the Zune, which many of you have probably never heard of…..

So the announcement that Microsoft are to produce a tablet is a worrying one, not for us, but them. On first impressions the Surface tablet (interesting name) looks quite good, the keypad cover is very clever and it appears to be very well-built. But it has one potential huge issue – its operating system (or its two operating systems to be precise). As I understand it one version will run Windows 8 RT (for tablet) and another (called professional)  will run full-blown Windows 8. I get the impression that as usual Microsoft just don’t get it! It also appears to be aimed more at the ultra book market – certainly the MacBook Air appears to be a direct competitor to the pro version – and we all know how good the MacBook Air is!

Also the Surface has been announced to the World, but no one has had proper access to a machine, no costs have been given (although the non pro version will apparently be similar in price to an iPad) and no date of availability is given. So in effect we have nothing. But the press etc will now have time to discuss and come up with their ‘wish list’ – and if it fails to come up with this it will crash and burn straight away on launch.

Apple are much cleverer in marketing terms, they announce and ship almost on the same day, unfortunately I think Microsoft have a lot to learn about being a hardware company. Why not leave this sector to Apple and Samsung with iOS and Android the market leaders in this sector by miles.

Microsoft have almost certainly just (almost) launched another pup!


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