Are music festivals getting too “soft”

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Real festival weather?

The music festival was for years the province of the ‘real’ music fan and possible the slightly more ‘alternative’ side of society. Glastonbury was a very alternative venue and it is only in recent years that the event has become so very organised and ‘controlled’. I can understand why, but it has opened up the events to Β a much ‘softer’ part of society.

The ultimate result of this is ‘Latitude’ which unashamedly advertises itself as ‘middle class’ and has various levels of accommodation on site – some of it rather plush. But has this taken something away from the ultimate festival experience? This year there is no Glastonbury (due to the Olympics taking the lions share of portable toilets apparently). Consequently the demand for other festivals has been increased, there may therefore be a new mix at various festivals.

So come this weekend and we have the Isle of Wight festival – one of the older UK festivals and in a less than accessible location for large numbers to access. The rest is history – the weather this summer has been poor to say the least. The organisers it appears were not as ready for the rain as they perhaps should have been – the result? Carnage!

But, I believe old-fashioned festival goers would take this on the chin – it is all part of the experience!


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