Return to ‘Lubbock Days’?

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20120704-194701.jpgDon’t worry I would be surprised (well impressed actually) if you knew what a Lubbock holiday was! I discovered it this week when it was suggested in the house of Lords that we should perhaps rename ‘bank holidays’ due to the recent ‘unfortunate’ events relating to our financial institutions.

Possibly not a bad idea as I can’t imagine that the Bank Manager will regain his role as a respected pillar of society for some time (if ever). Personally I find that sad with my father having been a bank manager – of the old school!

Our Bank holidays had an earlier name apparently – They were briefly known as St Lubbock Days in reference to Sir John Lubbock, the Liberal MP who introduced the Bank Holidays Act in 1871.

Lord McColl of Dulwich told peers this week that they should revert to their original name;

“In view of the poor behaviour of the banks, could we consider changing the name bank holiday back to its original name – Lubbock days?”

Prior to 1834, the Bank of England observed about 30 saints’ days and religious festivals as holidays but in 1834 this was reduced to just four. The 1871 Act specified the four days to be regarded as bank holidays – in addition to separate public holidays such as Christmas Day and Good Friday. There are currently six permanent bank holidays, (with an extra one in 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee).

I think we should do it! The banks really don’t deserve the kudos of having holidays named after them – time for the Lords to flex their muscles!


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