The ‘nameless’ face of customer care.

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I blogged earlier this week about my experience with East Midland Trains – the good and the bad – you can refresh your mind here if you wish.

Is that you Mark?

One of the things that annoyed me most was the attitude of the department that was supposed to deal with complaints, in a word they had attitude! Or certainly the chap I dealt with seems to. It may be that I caught him on a bad day – although one would imagine that he has to deal with far worse complaints than mine and in that department attitude is not really the way to appease people!

When you are dealing with a complaints department it is the small things that matter – like being given the name of the person you are dealing with. It is a sad fact that one invariably needs to call back, and in this age of call centres it is good to have a name to call back. In my case with EMT it was Mark – but he wouldn’t give me his surname, and was quite abrupt about it. Did he think I would come after him? I do hope not!

Even when he finally made his offer of compensation to me he was fairly ‘un helpful’ in his attitude. Today the letter with the voucher has arrived together with a polite (and one assumes standard) letter.

But most satisfying is the fact that I now know Marks full name – he does have a surname! I am obviously now considered to be worthy of knowing this extra detail. Thank you Mark – I won’t reveal your surname here, people obviously have to earn the right!


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