It’s official – iPad is cool!

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I have to say that this made me laugh – the constant war that is being waged between Apple and Samsung (and others, but Samsung are ‘public enemy No.1) does get rather wearing. It always revolves around some form of patent or design argument and nearly always gets sorted by the transfer of money one way or the other.

Obviously the one on the left is cool………..

Apples recent attempts to stop the new Samsung S3 phone from being sold says it all – Apple are worried and feel they have a real competitor at last! Having said that I don’t believe that the Android OS is as good as iOS and consequently it will never fully replace iOS, but it isn’t bad!

The recent case relating to the Samsung Galaxy tab is what amused me – Apple claimed that the Tab was a copy of the iPad and should therefore be banned from sale. Quite how you can have a patent or copyright on a genre of equipment is beyond me – but I thought the way the judge handled it was just perfect;

He said that the Samsung wasn’t cool like the iPad – so consequently could not be a copy. In effect both sides win – Apple are confirmed as having a cool product, but Samsung can still sell theirs because it isn’t cool!

Frankly brilliant – that judge should (and probably did) feel extremely smug!


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