Do we really need extended opening hours?

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Sometimes we seem to do things in this country out of desperation – often it is a knee jerk reaction to something that we can’t really control or alter – we just do it anyway! We are also very good at changing things in the short-term and then allowing them to become ‘the norm’.

20120722-213603.jpgThe changes to the Sunday trading laws that have been allowed for the 6 weeks over the Olympics and Para Olympics is a case in point. The argument goes that all the foreign visitors to the UK will be put at a disadvantage by our ‘strange ‘ Sunday trading laws, and by extending them the potential for sales will be improved.

On the face of it probably a fair comment if it related to the areas around the Olympic stadium and London as a whole – but this is being ‘rolled out’ across the nation. So here in Nottingham we will be able to shop at large stores on a Sunday for the next 6 weeks between 9am and 6pm – quite why I need this extra time I have no idea. There are no Olympic events happening within a hundred miles of Nottingham, and quite why anyone going to the Olympic stadium would base themselves here is beyond me (especially as those nice people from East Midlands Trains are planning to strike at the same time).

Perhaps this has more to do with the Government thinking about rolling this out as a new law? I hope not, we don’t need to bow down to the British addiction of shopping anymore – lets hope it isn’t a temporary law that remains like Income Tax was!


One thought on “Do we really need extended opening hours?

    Angela said:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    What di God do in the Bible, it says, God used the 7th Day to rest! Was this a Sunday? As a Christian, I want what God, Wants and not the church or Goverment power, oppressing us. The only aim of Jesus was the willm of his Father’s and may it be ours. Have a great day and thank you for you taking time to comment and do something about your views. Good for you x Ange P

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