Our ‘wonderful’ post office – (sorry that should be Royal Mail)

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This is pet hate of mine – some businesses never fail to let you down, and the Royal Mail are one such business. I have not had issue with them for a while, more due to not using them (I don’t trust them) rather than them getting better.

And now in the space of a week they have excelled themselves – twice;

20120728-125825.jpgFirstly it was my stepdaughter Star’s 18th Birthday, so numerous cards were sent to her. My brother lives near Swindon in Wiltshire (not exactly the back of beyond). He sent his card first class on the day before Star’s birthday – his expectation being that it would arrive the next day – this is why he paid for first class mail!

Unsurprisingly the Royal Mail excelled themselves in their level of incompetence – a poor service would have been two days to deliver, rubbish service would be 3 or 4 days – but no – we did far worse than that.

SEVEN DAYS! That is totally useless and I am sorry to say just sums up our once great Post Office (now Royal Mail) – no wonder they are losing all of their business. So in future I assume we all need to send things at least one week before the deadline you are working to. Also why pay extra for first class?

Best get the Xmas cards ready now then!

As far as the other ‘cock up’ goes – that is a far greater one and actually has really made me consider never using the parcels service ever again – I think that deserves it’s own blog entry, so more on that tomorrow!


Post altered to reflect Royal Mail rather than the Post Office as I have been informed by the Post Office via Twitter that they have nothing to do with Royal Mail now!


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