Perhaps Apple are right after all?

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The ‘anti apple brigade’ always make a big issue about how Apple maintain a closed and very controlled environment for their products. This extends to the Apps that are available for the iPhone, iPad etc. generally this means that if you download one of the apps from the app store it will work and not do anything ‘nasty’ to your machine – and more importantly won’t try and steal your details.

20120805-090221.jpgThis is wrong and too restrictive according to the users and developers of Android – until now;

Google is now attempting to crack down on rogue mobile apps on its Android platform with stricter guidelines for its developers. The measures include a ban on using icons that are “confusingly similar” to that of existing products. The search giant has also issued rules on how advertising should appear in apps.

The reason for this? Since its launch, the Google Play store has featured a significant number of malicious apps, or counterfeit versions of popular games such as Angry Birds. The new guidelines announced in an email to developers have 30 days to make sure their apps comply. Developers who do not comply with the measures could see their products removed from the store.

All sounds rather ‘Apple’ to me – although I am sure lots of people will disagree (until the next level of control is added by Google)


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