A positive press – surely not

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The British press have a lot to answer for – they love bad news (and if they haven’t got any they will invariably ‘make it up’). I am convinced that we would be in a better place from an economic point of view (and probably a social one) without the best efforts of our press. They have immense power and sadly abuse it – the freedom of the press is important and I would never want to stifle it, but it is a massive honour and should not be abused!

20120805-114937.jpgSo it is nice to see some positive news for once! I am in Italy at the moment, so slightly divorced from the UK news services (although the web shrinks the world) – the Olympics however are global so it is easy to follow – if only from the Italian perspective. So seeing the papers from the UK for this Sunday following the a amazing results in the Olympics for the GB team on Saturday is fantastic. I imagine the UK is buzzing today – and the press are for once adding to that.

So my question to the UK press is why can’t you be more positive at other times and perhaps see the ‘up side’ as well as the downside to stories?


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