Not sure who is responsible, but well done!

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I have been pretty vocal about our postal service recently – yes I got confused about who I was angry with (it was Royal Mail), but it set a tone for the post generally. In the end I got my parcel – Royal Mail did do their best to be helpful – but to be honest it was only because I complained, I still don’t have any confidence in them. The fact that when they found the parcel in the sorting office they sent it out for delivery again didn’t help – why would we be there second time if we were out to work first time!

20120805-164356.jpgThe Post office however appeared to be much more ‘on the ball’ they saw my twitters and replied very quickly – it was because of this that Royal Mail finally spoke to me. Anyway I digress…

The Post office or is it Royal Mail (I have no idea), have excelled themselves this time over the Olympics. They said they would paint a post box gold for every Gold medal won by team GB – nice but perhaps a tad cheesy. However the idea of producing a first class stamp for every Gold medal winner is a really nice idea, and it is amazing that they have managed to produce them overnight. Sadly they are a limited run and are only available in 50 post offices – but it is a brilliant idea which has been really well managed.

Well done – I am just not clear who to thank – Royal Mail, Post office or perhaps both?


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