What did the Romans ever do for us?

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I am a big Monty Python fan and although the Holy Grail is probably my favourite film, I do have a soft spot for the Life of Brian – probably their most ‘accessible film’. One of the classic sketches from the film revolves around a meeting of the Judaea Popular Front (or is it the Popular Front of Judaea).

20120812-102553.jpgAny way the question posed is ‘what did the Romans ever do for us’? Unsurprisingly there follows quite a big list of achievements including sanitation, heating, water – you get the idea.

As I was looking out of my window in Florence this morning I realised what a massive impact the humble pan tile has had on the world – you can’t go anywhere in southern Europe without seeing them. Their red wavy form defines certain city vistas (including this one) and they are such a simple form – pure genius.

So this is certainly something positive from the Romans!


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