Apple retail – how it should be done!

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I am increasingly becoming a grumpy old man – I make no apology for this, it comes to us all – and this is my time!

I have been known to be somewhat critical of retailers, it always annoys me when you go into a shop to buy something fairly substantial (expensive) and you know more about the product than the salesman! Car dealers are the worst example, but it is a general theme across retailing in my view.

There is one major exception though – Apple – they have completely nailed the shopping experience. Walk into one of their stores anywhere in the world and you will have a pleasant experience. The staff are friendly, helpful and not at all pushy. The last two items I have purchased from Apple stores have both been equally pleasant experiences – despite there being the best part of Β£1000 difference in price between them.

So why can Apple get it so right and other fail so badly? It may be that Apple demand knowledge of their staff, I don’t know, but their awareness of the product certainly enables them to converse intelligently with their customers – which is half the battle!

So a fantastic experience at Apple in Leicestershire High Cross Centre, which will ensure my return in future.


2 thoughts on “Apple retail – how it should be done!

    Richard Baker said:
    August 27, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Simon, first of all, welcome to the GOM Club! It’s an exclusive society made-up of middle-aged blokes who have one thing over the rest of the world: they can see through BS at 50 paces and know they’re right.
    You’re certainly right about the experience in Apple stores. The last one I went to was in Bath and it was like chatting with friends.
    The real scandal is that we still don’t have an Apple store in Nottingham. Have we really got to wait years for CSC to do anything with the shopping centers, or could they go somewhere else in the city?

      Simon Dare responded:
      August 27, 2012 at 11:20 am

      Richard, been G.O.M for a long time I am afraid! I know the Bath store well and it is like all the others in terms of experience. I love the fact that they will talk to you for ages and don’t try to actually push you into a purchase!

      As far as Nottingham is concerned we will have to wait I am afraid. Hopefully something positive will happen with the Broadmarsh soon!


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