How the Post Office makes money

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I have now worked out what the Royal Mails plan is to pull it out of the state it currently finds itself in. It appears that their delivery quota is diminishing, they want to abandon your mail at your neighbours, and now it appears that they are charging exorbitant amounts for collecting VAT on imported goods!

Let me explain;

20120920-190957.jpgMy daughter has recently become the proud owner of a MacBook Pro, a lovely machine, but one that needs protecting whilst away from home. A case was required – not a straightforward matter it appears if you are 18 and like things to be a bit different! Consequently the case of choice was ordered from the USA. This is not a problem normally, in fact quite often deliveries from the US arrive quicker than UK ones!

No, the issue here was that the package required the payment of VAT on the purchase price, a service that the Royal Mail now appear to provide. However, the VAT sum that needed collecting was £4.42, not a huge amount, but, the “handling fee” taken by the Royal Mail at their sorting office (in cash only – no cards), was £8! – total £12.42!

Now I am happy to pay them a fee for collecting on behalf of the Inland Revenue – but twice the sum collected, that is really taking the mickey! Not a huge amount of “handling” involved as far as I can see!

So once again the Royal Mail have endeared themselves to me even more!


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