Football – you’ve got to love it?

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I have been absent from my blog for too long – I have been rather caught up with family matters and this has kept me away. I have missed my daily rants – so I am back!

Anyone that knows me will be aware of my views on football – as a kid I followed it, but as it has ‘developed’ as a ‘sport’ I have become rather sceptical about it all. The game has become all about money and it has destroyed it for me totally. I wasn’t aware however just how expensive football had become (why would I – I never go), or how greedy the clubs were getting.

I read in today’s papers that the average cost of the cheapest adult ticket in the top four divisions of English football has risen by 11.7% – more than five times the rate of inflation. Even more shocking is that the highest cost matchday ticket is Arsenal at £126 (£25 up on last year!). Now Arsenal aren’t alone in this – but they are ‘the leader’.

The price of a season ticket at Arsenal? Just under £1000!

So, we are talking here about ‘the people’s game’, but it is just not accessible by the average family now as the costs are just getting stupid. And where does all this money go – one assumes to pay the players who are now so grossly overpaid at the top-level that it is obscene.

And don’t get me started on the England team…..


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