How not to run a university?

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My stepdaughter has recently started her University career at Loughborough Uni, she would appear to be having a great time, her mother is not so keen – but is getting used to the idea (it’s a mother thing apparently).

20121021-151311.jpgThe move into the hall of residence was carried out a few weeks ago and was set up with what appeared to be military efficiency by the accommodation office at the Uni. We were given a window in time to arrive, empty the car, collect keys etc – you get the idea. All appeared to go well, the student body were also well represented and helped move things and direct us – they were a massive help and very efficient. That just left the Uni itself to get things right – which shouldn’t be a problem………

We got off to a good start with the temporary key card for the residential block, but that had to be returned once installed for the ‘proper card’ which also acted as a charge card for food and other ‘goods’ on site (we had loaded it with a couple hundred quid after dropping her off).

And yes, as you have already guessed, the ‘proper’ card didn’t work (actually no ones did for almost a week!) so the temporary cards had to be returned to allow access.

But, the charge card element is still not working (3 weeks after moving in!) This is despite various attempts to get it working.

So Loughborough University, you may be a top Uni that produces top athletes and students – but this really isn’t acceptable – GET IT SORTED!


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