Goodbye Ceefax

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As the rather amusing screenshot below shows, when it first came to our screens, CEEFAX was a pretty neat idea! Now this was in the 70s when the majority of us were frankly rather easliy pleased – but you have to remember this was well before the birth of the World Wide Web. Consequently getting information generally revolved around a visit to the library, or making numerous phone calls and noting down the results on a piece of paper.

20121023-164055.jpgSo when CEEFAX arrived and we were able to get news, weather, traffic reports and all sorts of information it was rather cool! I remember friends at school whose parents has TV sets capable of getting CEEFAX (it wasn’t available to all initially), seeing the rather angular text on the TV screen was something of a ‘badge of honour’ for young teenage boys!

My mother used to watch the traffic reports on CEEFAX when I was on a long car journey, and then ring me if something appeared along my route – and that is where the end of CEEFAX really started. People in their 70s and 80s still thought it was ‘cool’, no one else did, so it has been living a charmed life for the last 10 years I would suggest.

Well now it has died, but the final message was great – and well worth sharing with people who passed over CEEFAX years ago……


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