Apple make a mistake?

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As anyone who reads this blog will be aware, I am an Apple fan. Their products are the best out there, they work out of the box, look amazing and have a ‘feel good factor’ that no other tech items can muster.

I have recently moved over to a MacBook Pro at work after my Windows PC died (strangely just as I was getting discount vouchers through from the manufacturer!). The move to working on a Mac at work has been painless, I will not be going back to the world of Windows!

20121022-084358.jpgHowever I do think that Apple have recently made a huge marketing error. We have recently moved onto the iPhone 5 at work (and it is a great phone), but the connector has changed, it is now much smaller and neater, but here lies the problem. We have all been using the old connector for so long that we have leads in lots of places – work, cars, at home. And the modern smartphone is power hungry, so regular recharging is vital. So obviously when launching a new connector you would expect Apple to have the converter available straight away to allow the old leads to be used?

Well they have them on their website (£25!) but still with a 2 to 3 week delivery (and Vodafone still don’t have them). So it appears that Apple have launched a product almost a month before the adaptor is available – I can’t make my mind up if this is just a stupid mistake or arrogance – I really hope it is the first! What I do know is that remembering to take my one charging cable around everywhere with me is a pain!

Whichever it is Apple haven’t made any new friends over the debacle!


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