How I would love this to be true!

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I love chocolate, when I was a child we used to live next to a sweet shop, I could get from our front door into the shop without actually stepping on the pavement – the die was cast – and I have had the ability to destroy a bar of chocolate in minutes ever since!


I have often seen comments to the effect that various food stuffs are actually good for you, red wine (good for blood pressure) and chocolate (it relaxes you) to name two. But this latest piece of research is the best yet;

Eating more chocolate improves a nation’s chances of producing Nobel Prize winners – or at least that’s what a recent study appears to suggest. But how much chocolate do Nobel laureates eat, and how could any such link be explained?

The study by Franz Messerli of Colombia University, was undertaken as previous research had suggested that regular cocoa intake leads to improved mental function in elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment, a condition which is often a precursor to dementia.

So Messerli took the number of Nobel Prize winners in a country as an indicator of general national intelligence and compared that with the nation’s chocolate consumption. The results – published in the New England Journal of Medicine – were striking.

When you correlate the two – the chocolate consumption with the number of Nobel prize laureates per capita – there is an incredibly close relationship! Switzerland came top and also has the most Nobel Prize winners! But the best comments on this comes from some previous winners;

Robert Grubbs, an American who shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2005, says he eats chocolate whenever possible.

Eric Cornell, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001, said “I attribute essentially all my success to the very large amount of chocolate that I consume. Personally I feel that milk chocolate makes you stupid… dark chocolate is the way to go. It’s one thing if you want a medicine or chemistry Nobel Prize but if you want a physics Nobel Prize it pretty much has got to be dark chocolate.”

Nice to know that even scientists have a sense of humour!


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