Well done Easy Jet

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I am a defender of the budget airlines whenever people ‘go off on one’ when I am around. My take on it is that you get what you pay for, and I may be lucky, but I have never had an issue with either EasyJet or Ryanair.

20121128-193259.jpgYes their inflight catering is expensive, and yes if you don’t do your online check in it costs you ‘a lot’ at the airport – but they are the rules that you agree to play by when you book with them!

I was however slightly concerned that I might have to be holding for hours to get through to their call centre to check on something today – I have never had to call them, but guessed that the call centre would be ‘one man and his dog’ in a shed somewhere. How wrong I was, a call at 7.30 pm, just half an hour before the call centre closed was answered in a matter of a few minutes and the matter sorted out in a similar timescale!

So very well done EasyJet, yet again you haven’t failed me!


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