Most searched terms – 2012

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search_engine_optimisation_peterboroughWe all use search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – it is almost impossible to use the web without recourse to them. They keep lots of information about the searches we make (and the people who make them), and then use it to their benefit. Every year however a selection of ‘top searches’ gets released by the companies (I think they see it as a bit of fun) – and here are the first batch!

These are the most searched terms on Yahoo in 2012 – no doubt people will read all sorts into this, and there may be some trends, but to me it looks pretty similar to other years.

My only question on the ten was who is Frank Foster? (and yes I don’t get out much!) – apparently he is (was) a character in Coronation Street (what ever that is?)

  1. How to make money
  2. Who unfollowed me?
  3. How to lose weight
  4. When do the clocks go back?
  5. How to write a CV
  6. When is Easter?
  7. Who killed Frank Foster?
  8. What is my IP address?
  9. What is a pleb?
  10. How to claim PPI yourself

No doubt Google’s top 10 will be out shortly…….


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