The rush towards Christmas?

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The times as Bob Dylan sang ‘are a changing’ – the business world is a very different place to the one we were used to for the last 10 years! In many ways this is not a bad thing, the banks as I see it are now going back to the principles of ‘proper’ banking that I certainly grew up with. And to be fair to them they will admit that this is the way forward.

Client relationships are also now becoming much more important again – you need to be able to trust your  professional advisors and their advice, the days of shopping around for the best price are still around, but the pool of advisors is smaller and ‘better’.
One of the changes that has really reared its head this year though is the rush towards Christmas. Up until the mid to late 90’s there was always a mad rush to get deals and work completed before the Christmas break. This all but disappeared in the ‘good times’ (perhaps because deals were easy to complete), but this year it is back with a vengeance!
Hopefully a sign that things are indeed on the up – time will tell, but here’s hoping!

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