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I love my Formula 1 and believe in the last few years it has regained it’s position at the pinnacle of motor racing. I was however far from impressed when the BBC decided to ‘shelve’ their F1 coverage and only cover half of the races live. I was a big fan of their previous coverage and was concerned that SkyF1 wouldn’t cut the mustard! Not having Sky was also an issue – but luckily I ‘got around’ that issue.

Sky made their first great move by getting Martin Brundle as commentator, his race coverage is second to none (sorry DC), yes some of the analysis is a bit lame (Sky ‘have to have’ pretty ladies in some roles for some reason), but otherwise the coverage is excellent. And the Sky sport app on the iPad with its data and additional views is just amazing.
So it is good to see that they have been voted best F1 coverage – taking the crown from the BBC. Quite how the BBC thought they could cover half a season of racing and get away with it I do not know – they still have to name their new front man as well. So I can only see their coverage going one way!
Well done Sky (I never thought I would say that!)

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