Airbags for mobile phones – not such a daft idea?

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This sounds like a pretty weird idea on first look – but having had our first iPhone 5 casualty this week at work it has its attraction!

All of our smartphones now have motion sensors and can tell where they are and more importantly where they are going! The technology makes use of these motion-sensors to detect when it has entered an airborne state, so that a mini-airbag can be deployed to cushion its fall.

The idea comes from the technology department at Amazon, which won a patent for the protective system this week. As well as mobile phones, the technology could be used on electronic readers, including the online retailer’s own Kindle, as well as computer tablets and cameras. I am not sure how much bulk it would add to an item, and it would be no good for those who prefer a ‘naked’ iPhone. But, in a work environment forcing people to make use of the technology might just prevent so many breakages!


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