How quickly?

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20121223-101550.jpgBy the end of March 2013 China’s Sky City One tower in Changsha City is set to trump Burj Khalifa in Dubai as the world’s tallest building, with a height of 838m. Nothing out of the ordinary there, buildings regularly (well reasonably regularly) trump each other for this title. No, the amazing thing here is its stated completion date, because construction of this landmark has yet to start!

The contractors claim the 220 storey building will be built in just 90 days, at the rate of five storeys a day. The super-fast construction time is possible only because Chinese construction company Broad Sustainable Building will have prefabricated much of the building in a factory before work starts on site. It remains to be seen if they can manage it, but my guess is they will, although quite what the human cost will be is yet to be seen.

The stats for the finished building are pretty impressive – when complete, over 80 percent of the building will be residential, with the remainder accommodating a 1000-guest hotel, a hospital, five schools and offices, so a town in its own right! The tower has also been designed to resist earthquakes up to magnitude 9.

From a property man’s point of view the impressive stats for Sky City One include a floor area of 104 million m2, 104 high speed elevators to move people up and down the tower and 270,000 tonnes of steel used in its construction.

Quite a building then!


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