The Queen of the East Midlands

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In real terms I am a relative newcomer to Nottingham and the East Midlands – I arrived in 1980 as a student and have never left. Nottingham has always been described as ‘The Queen of the East Midlands’ in my time here, and I would have to agree – it is a great city (and stands above its neighbours in my opinion).

In recent years the young pretenders (Derby and Leicester) have done their best to catch up and pass Nottingham – new shopping centres and general improvements have helped. Nottingham has also managed to shoot itself in the foot by totally missing the boat on the Broadmarsh redevelopment. The damage this has done to our city cannot be underestimated and in time the main culprits will become known and will most likely pay for their lack of action.

So it is great to see in this last week that Nottingham, not Derby or Leicester has the most ‘desirable’ residential street in the East Midlands. The attractiveness of the street is based on average value, it is still a long way behind top UK values, but is a sign that Nottingham is still the place to live in the East Midlands!

The street in question is Valley Road in West Bridgford – average values over the period January 2007 and October 2011were £810,000 the figure is lower than last year when the average home in the street was priced at £823,000. The figures come from a Lloyds TSB report that reveals the most expensive streets in the UK. Perhaps unsurprisingly the 40 most expensive streets are all in London and the south east, with Egerton Crescent in Kensington and Chelsea taking first position with an average house costing almost 10 times the East Midlands level at £8.14 million!


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