Twelfth night – when exactly is it?

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wetwebworkThis is a question that has caused a great deal of consternation in the Dare household – my wife loves Christmas but is always keen to get the decorations down by twelfth night (it is bad luck not to apparently). However, this week while listening to Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme (the only radio show to wake up to) they kept referring to twelfth night as being the 6th December – but as my wife has pointed out to me this is actually at least partly incorrect!

It all dates back to how the world viewed things in the old days – and a day was considered to start not at 12 midnight but at sunset the evening before – hence twelfth night actually starts on the evening of the 5th December. You would therefore be OK to take down your tree and decorations by sunset on the 6th – but we won’t be – it’s the evening of the 5th December for us!

You have been warned – if it’s not down yet you have until sunset tonight!


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