The blurring of the seasons

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image.axdOne of the things that is great about the UK is its weather – no honestly! We have very varied seasons, recently they have become even more ‘varied’ which in some way is worrying, but in another way it confirms why we are like we are – life is varied so we are a varied race. We have set dates and times for things – some based on religion and some on the seasons – we know where we stand.

So good so far – but then the world of marketing gets involved. I am talking Cadbury Creme eggs here – I am old enough to have been ‘in at the start’ of the Creme egg ‘thing’. I also love them and can eat an obscene quantity if given the chance! In the early days of their availability (the 70’s) they appeared in the shops at Easter at the same time as all the other Easter eggs came out, which seemed sensible?

Cadbury-Scream-Eggs-Halloween-TreatsHowever I see now (in fact it has been this way for a number of years) that Cadbury Creme Eggs are available now – in fact they appeared on Boxing Day this year in my local COOP. They also make an appearance at Halloween as ‘screme’ eggs!

We all have to make money, but this is really pushing things and to my mind rather ‘devalues’ the product. I am sure they sell a huge quantity of the eggs between Christmas and Easter, but perhaps they are no longer ‘Easter’ eggs?


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