Clever carparks!

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I do like something that is clever, slightly ‘techie’ and makes life easier….

This weekend I was in Leicester collecting a new iPhone from the Apple store in the Highcross Centre for my daughter to replace the one that she had stolen just before Christmas. Normally I would park at our leicester office and walk down, but this was to be a swift hit so the shopping centre carpark was the chosen venue for the car.

3133501112_32eecd2ccfI had not parked there before but found it a very pleasant experience. It was very well lit and the spaces appear to be a good size. But most impressive is the way in which cars are managed in the carpark by the system. As you enter the facility there is a board indicating which floors have spaces available and how many there are free. The best part is that this is a dynamic system so it changes as cars leave the relevant floor!

imagesSo finding a space is faster and much less stress free as there is no hunting a floor for a space – you already have an indication that a space is available! There are also red and green lights in the roadways – green means you can go that way, red is no entry – simple but very effective. This is so much more useful than the system we have in Nottingham which tells you a mile or more from the carpark if spaces are available!

Top marks to Leicester!


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