Are we getting ‘soft’?

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snow1963-2I watched what would be described as a ‘vintage’ TV program at the weekend – (an old one to you and me) – it was the BBC’s round up of the events of January 1963, otherwise known as ‘the big freeze’. Two things became very obvious from the program;

Firstly that we really haven’t made that much progress when it comes to dealing with unusually cold weather – in the current snow the papers have been reporting similar issues with roads, railways and services that were issues in 1963.

Secondly, and far more scary, is the depth of the weather in 1963 – the cold snap lasted for over a month and the temperatures were below freezing (a long way below) for all of that time. Snow fall was measured in feet – not centimetres – and the country really did grind to a halt!

So when we are all clearing the windows on our cars this week and then ‘struggling through’ a couple of centimetres of snow give some thought to what would happen if we had some real winter weather!

The BBC documentary from 1963 is available on the BBC iplayer and is well worth a watch if you have some time. You can find it here;


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