Google reader is to die…..

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This is not good news from my point of view – RSS feeds may be a bit ‘old school’ but I find it a great way to scan the news and any websites that I am interested in. And Google Reader served me well over the last few years as a way of aggregating all this data – that is until this coming July when Google are killing it.

20130314-213827.jpgRSS readers take raw feeds of dataβ€”headline, text, timestamp, etc.β€”and display that information in a stripped-down interface along with many other feeds, which is what makes them so efficient.

Now this is all very sad for people like me who like to keep an eye on things in an easy to scan manner, but the real problem is the effect it will have on countries that censor the Internet. Sadly Google are going to be cutting links to the outside world for many parts of the world.

Less obvious is how many RSS readers, including Google’s, serve as anti-censorship tools for people living under oppressive regimes. That’s because it’s actually Google’s servers, located in the US or another country with uncensored internet, that accesses each feed. So a web user in say, Iran just needs access to in order to read websites that would otherwise be blocked.

Not a good move Google…..


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