Two sides to everything……

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New-Virgin-Media-LogoI was told many years ago that your first contact with someone is the most important, it sets their opinion of you. Hence in business your receptionist is perhaps the most important person in the firm. This goes for both face to face contact and phone contact…..

So why do companies insist on using faceless call centres to deal with both new and existing clients?

My ‘history’ with Virgin Media is well documented on this blog, so I won’t go back over old ground. However I have again this week had dealings with one of their engineers who attended to install a new modem (or ‘super hub’ as they call them). He was very efficient, polite and quick – I couldn’t find anything to complain about (strange I know) – and this has always been my experience of their staff on the ground – simply brilliant!

But, to get an engineer you have to go through the call centre! On this occasion they had given the engineer the wrong house number (I corrected it when he called to say he was 10 minutes away). It had taken me four people to get to someone who could deal with my enquiry – and I was returning their call asking me to contact them!

So Virgin – as usual, brilliant staff who actually deal with your clients on site. But your call centre gets worse!

Why can’t you see this?


One thought on “Two sides to everything……

    John Lyle said:
    April 2, 2013 at 11:02 am

    I had a fab Virgin Call centre guy the other day who agreed that my wanting to upgrade shouldn’t mean that I would lose my Loyalty discount (all very irregular Mr Lyle) and who took it upon himself to pass me over to a UK based chap. This guy then also agreed t was silly and agreed that I didn’t need an engineer for a SuperHub (and the £50 cost) so just sent me one with instructions. Cost to go from 10mb to 30mb was about £1 per month with free super hub!

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