Do something amazing – give blood, or at least try……..

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20130415-213534.jpgThat’s what the strap line on the blood service website says and they are always keen for donations – so why do they make it such a slow and disorganised experience? I have given blood on and off for many years – in the old days you turned up to a session and they fitted you in – the experience was OK and normally took around an hour.

So why when we now have an appointment system does it tend to take twice as long to give the same amount of blood?

This time around I had an appointment at 6:50 – as I work this is ideal for me. On arrival I was told by the receptionist “we aim to get you through in an hour from your appointment time” – sadly experience told me this wouldn’t happen – and it didn’t, it took almost an hour before I was even seen!

Don’t get me wrong, I really want to give blood, but the system seems to do everything it can to frustrate me. I get the impression that the people at the top have no idea how it actually works in the real world – someone needs to tell them…….


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