A great way to celebrate 25 years service…

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A gold watch is the generally recognised presentation for 25 years service at work – this week however I have visited a client who has come up with a much nicer approach to this level of service from their staff.

Vic Fearn & Co make coffins – ‘normal ones’ and ‘very special ones‘ – (more on that in another blog) – they are based in Bulwell in Nottingham and have a very long serving and highly skilled staff. So how to mark 25 years of service? Some years ago they decided to commission a mural which would include all the staff on it who had achieved this level of service. The mural was to be the work of Royal Academy trained Jamie Ogilvie-Forbes who has undertaken a number of commissions for the company over the years.

It has taken 8 years and in that time the number of staff passing 25 years has increased, so the number of people on the mural has increased accordingly. The mural was unveiled on Friday and is quite something being forty feet long and twelve feet high. It is also popular with the staff and there are more staff due to be added shortly when they achieve 25 years also!

It is brilliant to see a company doing something like this which is both keen with the staff but also adds something to the local community and art world.



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