Good customer service – with an edge….

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I recently purchased a new compact camera from Currys – to be fair they are generally pretty good for camera gear, as in Nottingham most of the staff are ex-Jessops, so know their stuff. I did some research and decided that the price they had for the Canon Powershot S100 was very good, so went ahead with the purchase – all good so far….

Their website indicated that a £20 cash back deal was available on that camera, so I went via the link on their site to the Canon site – only to discover that the cash back was on the S110 (the newer model). Now if I am honest the cash back was not something that clinched the deal, but I thought it was worth mentioning to Currys – if nothing else to let them know that they were misrepresenting the facts.

So an email was sent to their customer services department together with a screen shot of the web page showing the cash back deal (see the image above). I got the usual automatic reply and waited…..

Interestingly within a few hours of my email the website changed and the cash back deal was removed (see the image below).

Next day I received a very nice email from Currys to tell me that they had ‘just checked’ their website and it didn’t indicate a cash back deal currently, also they said they couldn’t date my screen shot so couldn’t confirm it’s validity (although the date it was created was pretty clear). However as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ they would send me a £20 voucher (which they have done).

So a good result for me (and the camera is excellent) and good PR for them – but I am assuming my email prompted the change of the website – just a shame they couldn’t admit it!


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