Crazy coffins – more than just something to be buried in!

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I blogged earlier this week about Vic Fearn & Co who make coffins, however they also have a business called ‘crazy coffins’ which produces bespoke coffins to any (literally) design. I have acted for the company for years so have seen numerous coffins that they have produced – ranging from canal barges to skate boards. But until this week I had not met one of their customers and heard him enthuse about his coffin!

20130528-102840.jpgBecause of the ‘special’ nature of the coffins they are invariably created well in advance of their use – consequently they tend to be taken around various exhibitions and art galleries to promote the idea – always with the end users consent!

Last week I met the ‘owner’ of the Orient Express coffin in the attached photo – he had spent many happy journeys with his wife and family on the Orient Express and decided he would like to make his last journey in it as well! What struck me was how the creation of the coffin had caused this gent to relive a part of his life that was so special to him – it was also quite remarkable the detail that Crazy Coffins had gone to with the creation of the carriage. The paint used was exactly the same as used on the real coaches, and the passengers in the windows were the gentleman and his family.

I have added some additional pictures of some of the other amazing coffins after this article, they really are a work of art (and really are coffins!), it makes you wonder just what you would commission for your self?

So all in all a business but also perhaps also a social service?






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