Real American food….

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Having arrived in New York for the start of our family summer break our thoughts turned to food, now there isn’t much food wise that you can’t get in New York, but the first night really has to be American!

20130715-115352.jpgWe were recommended Harlem Shake which is only a few minutes walk from where we are staying, it only opened earlier this year and aims to provide a true American Burger experience. I can only say it achieves that, the burgers were amazing and the feel of the restaurant is just great – and we still have the shakes to try. No wonder it has had such great revues!

Oh, and they have the coolest cash registers – run from iPads!

It is amazing to think that when I first visited New York in the 1980s this area was a total ‘no go’ zone for visitors. It is now incredibly diverse in its ethnic mix (much like the rest of New York) and has a really good feel – property values are through the roof as well!


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