Only in America…..

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One of the (many) shops we have visited in New York this week could only be found in the USA, not because of its name (American Girl Place) or because of what it sells (dolls) – but the manner in which it does it.

This is a store that can be found in many large US cities and in all cases it is large – even by American standards. The New York store is on 5th Avenue and covers 3 floors of a large corner property – not cheap real estate. But it isn’t the size that is the disturbing part, no, it is what is found inside…..

20130715-205159.jpgAmerican Girl Place don’t just sell dolls, they can sell you a doll that looks just like your daughter. They can match skin tone, hair colour and even the colour of the eyes. The photo shows just a small selection of the dolls available – I was told they had 42 different ones on the ground floor, but that there were ‘many more’ upstairs! But there is more, much more.

Once you have a doll that looks like you, the next job is to get its hair done to match yours – and they have a hair salon for dolls to achieve just that! My son summed it up for me as we watched the stylists working on the dolls – he just said ‘that’s not a real job’ – I couldn’t agree more!

20130715-205642.jpgYou will also need to fit out your doll with a wardrobe of clothes – would you like exactly matching clothes for yourself? – no problem, they can do that as well.

Once you have finished all the preparations what would be nicer than to have tea or dinner with your doll in the restaurant on the third floor? Your doll will be next to you in a high chair with a full set of cutlery and china…..

I could go on, but this is all just too scary – I have never felt quite so uncomfortable in a shop!


2 thoughts on “Only in America…..

    Pascale LeBrasseur said:
    August 13, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    The first visit to an American Girl Place is the worst… Than you know what to expect next time around.

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