We need one of these at work….

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One of the things that probably causes more grief at work than anything else is our air conditioning system – or more precisely the control of it. It’s a common theme, the women find it too cold and most of the men would like the system turned down to a more ‘comfortable’ temperature (read colder for that).

The main target for all of this anger? The controller on the wall – it is constantly turned up or down. More annoying is the changing of settings totally to take the system from auto to heat only, or even to turn it off all together.

20130715-212223.jpgThere is great potential for bad feeling and discomfort for people in so many ways when the control of an air con system is being contested!

But now I have seen the answer in a cafe in New York – it is simple, cheap but ultimately 100% effective (assuming you have the key). As can be seen from the photo it locks but still allows a full view of the controller – excellent for allowing the person with the key to demonstrate what the correct settings should be to all!

I want one!


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