Doing the right thing

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20130718-215045.jpgEver since 9/11 I have wanted to visit the memorial that is now at ground zero in New York. Partly because if one is in New York it feels the right thing to do, and partly because I remember going up the towers in the 1980s with my parents on a trip to the USA. My abiding memory of that day is watching the aircraft flying past the towers below us – something that was a common occurrence until the fateful day.

Ground Zero now sits in the shadow of the Freedom Tower, a structure that New Yorkers are it seems very proud of, and quite rightly as it is a very elegant piece of architecture. It is also very tall and stands proudly over lower Manhattan much as the twin towers used to. Somehow Manhattan almost looks complete again.

20130718-215220.jpgThe 9/11 memorial is very impressive, especially as it sits in the centre of a busy building site, it is remarkably peaceful and very well managed in terms of the number of people on the site at any one time. It is easy to get access to the sides of either of the infinity pools and read the names of those who lost their lives in the disaster.

The memorial is not brash or overstated, it does what it says on the tin, and the people of New York are to be applauded for that. It is a well judged and fitting memorial and a must see if in New York.


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