Lady Liberty

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20130718-220312.jpgWe timed our visit to New York well, or so it seemed at the time as The Statue of Liberty was opened up to the public again on the 4th of July this year. Access is now available again to the crown (although the security is rather tight). As it happened we were unable to get tickets to the crown, but we went over to see the statue and to get the view back to Manhattan.

As it happens New York is suffering somewhat of a heat wave at the moment so going up almost 300 steps in a large metal statue wouldn’t of been pleasant, so I think we had a lucky escape. What struck me most when on liberty island however was not how impressive the statue is (although it is), but just how incredibly tacky all the gifts are in the visitor centre!

They really have excelled themselves in managing to sell almost nothing approaching ‘pleasant’ or ‘tasteful’. I just don’t get it – this is a very important image for all Americans but they seem to devalue it by their marketing of it – just weird if you ask me…..


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