Best purchase in a while

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A visit to the USA offers a variety of ‘purchasing’ opportunities, and to be fair the family have embraced the savings to be had over the last week! I ‘discovered’ B&H Photographic in New York, it was recommended to me by Tim Garratt who seems to spend and indecent amount of time and money there. Now, I was aware it was big, but the real scale of the operation is what takes your breath away – yes they sell just about everything, but it is how all your goods get to the till without your involvement!

20130720-224609.jpgAlso we had to return the day after our first visit with a faulty iPad keyboard – I didn’t know what to expect when trying to exchange it – but I needn’t have worried, they have a separate department for that on the side of the building, all was sorted in minutes!

My best purchase from there however was not originally planned, but seemed a good idea at the time – a pair of Bose QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones. I have fancied a pair for a while but thought the price in the UK was somewhat excessive. So at a third off they looked a ‘bargain’.

Having now used them on the flight from New York to Orlando I can honestly say they are astonishing – they reduce noise to a significant degree and also sound very good. But most of all they appeared to reduce the fatigue factor of a flight – I really can’t recommend them highly enough!


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