Why you shouldn’t always trust online reviews

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We always rent villas or apartments when we go away on our annual holidays, there is nothing wrong with hotels, they just don’t work for us as a family. The extra space an apartment affords us in a city is welcome and for us works out better and makes for a more relaxing break.

20130721-082519.jpgOur recent trip to New York is a classic case, we looked at hotels (this is how the New York authorities would like you to visit) but again went with an apartment – this time in Harlem which added greatly to our experience (only in a good way). It was in a street that was very reminiscent of that used in the US sitcom ‘Different Strokes’ (you need to be a certain age to remember this!).

We booked the ‘Brownstone’ through a website that we use regularly for holiday bookings, we know and trust it – mainly because we know the reviews are real because they can only be left by people who have actually stayed in the accommodation.

We did search widely online for the accommodation and used various very well known search engines for travel in doing this. I was however rather surprised to receive an email asking me to review our accommodation from Trip Advisor – especially as it wasn’t the one we stayed in! There is a rider at the bottom checking if we stayed or not – but I coould still leave a rave review and it could be terrible (or not even exist).

Surely this cannot be right! If nothing else it makes you realise that you should be very careful relying on things you read on the web!

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