When is fast food not fast?

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Answer – at any McDonalds in the USA.

20130721-190900.jpgDon’t get me wrong I am willing to wait for food if it is prepared for me and is of a high standard, but my understanding of ‘fast food restaurant’ revolves around the first word? That is how the idea of the drive through works, so shouldn’t it work the same in the restaurant as well?

We stopped of at a McDonalds in Orlando, Florida for a quick bite to eat after some outlet shopping, the idea was to hit McDonalds and be on our way in a short time frame. However we ended up waiting 20 minutes for one happy meal, two wraps and a chicken sandwich. And we weren’t alone, talking to others in the queue who were waiting for their number to be called it was considered ‘the norm’ in American McDonalds these days to have to wait for your freshly cooked food.

Have McDonalds lost the plot or are they moving their offering up market?

Perhaps we will be getting Big Macs served on china soon – or even waitress service? I think not – come on McDonalds do what you should be and serve fast food, no slow average food.


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