Being polite

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20130724-214416.jpgOne of the things that has struck me most during the last two weeks in America is just how well the basic social skills are drummed into the average American. They are basically a far more polite race than any other that I have come across in Europe especially.

A couple of examples;

If you are stood in the way of say a freezer in a shop and ‘an American’ wants to get there they will without fail ask very politely if they can get past – they will also invariably use ‘sir’ in the request, and when you move and apologise for being stood there they will be equally polite in thanking you for moving.

Who ever you deal with – be it a shop assistant, a waiter or even a cleaner they are polite, pleasant and make you feel as if they are actually happy to be serving or helping you – and that is because they are.

I am dreading coming back to the UK and getting back into the usual unhelpful, rude ways that we accept as ‘the norm’ in the UK.

Basically there is no excuse for rude unpleasant treatment – it actually marks us out as an arrogant and unworthy race – not that anyone in the UK would accept that level of criticism.


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