Let’s be clear at800……

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We like to think in the UK that we are ‘better’ than the rest of the World – sadly we don’t appear to be anymore – that all finished with the Victorians it would seem.

20130729-185938.jpgThis was highlighted to me during the last two weeks in the USA – the availability of 4G and wifi (which I blogged about recently) is way ahead of the UK (and much of Europe). This was further highlighted to me by a mailing that I received at home relating to the ‘let’s be clear at 800’ campaign. Not heard of it yet? You will….

20130729-190053.jpgYou may recall the auction for the 3G mobile networks a few years back (which produced huge funds for the Government), well more recently the 4G network was auctioned (for far less) and the service is about to be rolled out to us all. But there is an issue – 4G mobile services operate at 800 MHz (I believe it was freed up by the closure of terrestrial TV and the move to Freeview). But, because 800 MHz is so close to the Freeview wavelength it can cause problems on the Freeview channels.

It can be sorted out by a free filter (we all know who is paying for that) from the Government – but what amazes me is that no one realised this would happen when they decided which wavelengths to allocate to 4G and Freeview?

(And it’s at this point that I look smug as I have Virgin Media which comes via cable)

Yet another example of a lack of joined up thinking in this country?


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