A somewhat pointless system?

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I am enduring the joys of delivery companies at the moment – I have already blogged about the joy that is the Royal Mail. My package is still missing from them, although we now have ‘management’ involved in the search – I hold out little hope of seeing it again (and they don’t appear worried so I won’t use them again unless I have no option).

20130818-094353.jpgI did however receive a package from Yodel last week – it appeared at the second attempt so I suppose I should be grateful – and I am – but there is a problem….

The card they left after the first delivery attempt offers the ability to arrange collection from the depot – you can do it on-line – so I did, and all appeared efficient and easy. Except the parcel was delivered the next day!

Now it wasn’t clear on-line that this was the same parcel, so I needed to speak to someone. Now I am all for computer based systems if they work, but in this case it took me two calls to realise that the number on the card wouldn’t actually get me through to a human (and it’s an 0800 number so it isn’t free – unless you use this app). After some Googling I found a customer service number (0800 again – so I used the app) and spoke to a very helpful lady (well done). She confirmed that it was the parcel that I had arranged to collect that was delivered today. So all appears good, but there is an issue here.

The helpful lady informed me that the parcel would have stayed with the driver in his van for the 3 days that they try to deliver over – so when the online system suggested I could pick up the package at Loughborough from the Friday (day 3 of the delivery attempt) it was basically lying!

It appears that the online system is not actually ‘joined up’ with the delivery drivers – not helpful! I potentially would have made a wasted journey to Loughborough as the system also doesn’t update you to say the parcel has actually been delivered (even though they take your phone number)

And in case you are thinking I am a ‘bit dim’ as surely I would know if the package had been delivered – the reference on the package is different from the card – so it really isn’t obvious!


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